Course Schedule

151 Credits | 4 Years to Complete

Our curriculum is designed to build on previous learning. All students will begin their studies following the same course schedule. We offer one start date annually, which begins in September.

P1 Fall
Pharmacy Calculations
Pharmaceutics I
Systems Pharmacology I
Biosystems I
P1 Spring
Pharmaceutics II
Biosystems II
Systems Pharmacology II
Introduction to Pharmacy Profession
Introduction to Diversity
P2 Summer
Applied Pathophysiology and Therapeutics I
State Pharmacy Law
Introductory Pharmacy Practice Experience I
P2 Fall
Systems Pharmacology III
Applied Pathophysiology and Therapeutics II
Principles, Methods & Clinical Application of Epidemiology in Pharmacy
Practice I
Communications and Counseling Skills
P2 Spring
Systems Pharmacology IV
Applied Pathophysiology and Therapeutics III
Health Care Delivery
Principles, Methods & Clinical Application of Epidemiology in Pharmacy Practice II
Compounding of Sterile & Semi-Solid Preparations
P3 Summer
Compounding of Liquid & Solid Preparations
Federal Pharmacy Law
Introductory Pharmacy Practice Experience II
P3 Fall
Systems Pharmacology V
Applied Pathophysiology and Therapeutics IV
Concepts in Pharmacy Practice I
Critical Evaluation of Medical Literature I
Population Based Health Care
Introductory Pharmacy Practice III
P3 Spring
Concepts in Pharmacy Practice II
Applied Pathophysiology and Therapeutics V
Critical Evaluation of Medical Literature II
Ethics in Primary Practice
Managing Practice and Personnel
Introductory Pharmacy Practice Experience IV
P4 Summer
Advanced Pharmacy Practice Experiences I
Advanced Pharmacy Practice Experiences II
P4 Fall
Advanced Pharmacy Practice Experiences III
Advanced Pharmacy Practice Experiences IV
Advanced Pharmacy Practice Experiences V
P4 Spring
Advanced Pharmacy Practice Experiences VI
Advanced Pharmacy Practice Experiences VII
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